Path to Seeing

In the quest for a deeper understanding of my lifework, I was led to

Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche and Dharma Art.

I was tutored by one of his students, Michael Wood.   He and his partner,

Julie DuBose, are the principals of Miksang Contemplative Photography.

They introduced me to the path of seeing through the "Good Eye." 

Here "the camera is used to express our visual perceptions exactly as

we experience them."  "The resulting image is an exact expression of our

eye, mind, and heart as it connects with this perception."

"Seeing in this way brings us joy in being alive."



I am the creator and developer of ThePhotoGuestBook.  While working as a mobile disk jockey, I saw the need for a truly unique, interactive, and less expensive memory experience at personal celebrations.  I came up with this approach as a method of providing lasting memories for the guests of honor and their friends/families at a reasonable cost.


Something Completely Different

Want something truly unique and memorable for your special day? Something that will be fun and entertaining for you and your guests? Something that you will enjoy for a lifetime?

ThePhotoGuestBook is more than a traditional book of signatures and addresses. It is the creative marriage of a guest book and a photo album.

High quality, candid digital portraits of your friends and family are professionally printed on-site. Guests then add their handwritten good wishes to these happy photo memories and insert them in a themed album. The finished album is ready to be enjoyed before the party is over. Take it home with you or on your honeymoon.

ThePhotoGuestBook becomes an enduring memento of your special celebration. You’ll cherish each smiling face and kind word more and more through the years.

ThePhotoGuestBook creates a real-time, custom guest book/scrapbook/photo album for every special celebration. It’s a truly outstanding and unique gift idea. The guests of honor will take their memories home with them in a way that will allow them to relive those special moments time and time again. And you’ll be included in each of those memories from then on.

ThePhotoGuestBook is the simple and cost-effective solution to relieving you of the hassle and much of the extra expense of completing many of the details of your celebration. Your choice of a themed guest book/scrapbook/photo album is included in every package. High-quality digital photos of each guest guarantee that everyone is remembered. Copies of these same photos may be mounted in single frames with your names and date listed to commemorate the special occasion. These will be guest favors that everyone will take home with them. Money and effort well spent.


Do Yourself A Favor

 Giving gifts to the people who attend your celebration is part of many cultural traditions. A favor is intended as a symbolic remembrance of the occasion, but all too often, it becomes much too extravagant and expensive.

ThePhotoGuestBook is also very reasonably priced. The total cost is comparable to what you’d spend on a guest book, guest favors, and prints from disposable cameras. Prices are based on the number of guests and additional services provided. Forget those disposable cameras. Forget those tacky guest favors. Forget those missed memories.

Thank you for considering ThePhotoGuestBook for your special celebration. It is a truly unique memory album and memento that celebrates you and your special occasion. Please contact me for pricing and availability.