1. Although we can demonstrate that the use of ProImage Software can yield increased event print sales, we do not guarantee any level of increased sales by using our system. We are not guaranteeing any degree of guaranteed profits or income. 
  2. Images will be online for the duration of 1 year/12 months from the event release date. Images that remain on the system past the duration may be deleted and are not recoverable.
  3. Images will be backed up for the duration of 1 year/12 months, however ProImage Software does not guarantee permanent or reliable backup of your images. The system should not be used as a long term storage or permanent backup option for your images.  
  4. Printed images will be printed and shipped out within 3 days of date we receive order. Once the order is in the hands of a certified mail carrier we do not guarantee the safety or the delivery of the prints to the customer. In most cases we will re-print and re-ship order but additional costs may be incurred by you the photographer should we feel your order was handled and delivered properly.
  5. Standard support hours are Monday – Friday 8 am – 8 pm mountain standard time. Support may be available on weekends and outside standard support hours but not guaranteed. The email system is functional 24/7/365, however a staff member may not respond to support emails outside of the designated support hours.
  6. We have a 99.95% guaranteed up time on your events sites. Should your site be down for any reason resulting in an error on our part we will repair your site normally within 24 hours unless there is an issue that should take longer but should never exceed 72 hours.
  7. We will not return printed photos unless there is a direct problem resulting in the negligence of the printing process, should negligence occur we will replace the prints at an equal like product same for same. Under no circumstances will we refund this amount charged for this print but we will replace it.
  8. Should we need to refund any credit card transaction we will not refund without first deducting a 6% service charge for the total amount originally purchased.
  9. Should a client forget to enter a discount code we will not refund such discount. Should we decide to give a credit to such client we reserve the right to withhold a 6% service charge.