Pro Image Plans


Q: How does Pro Image compare to similar solutions like Pictage and Colleges Net?
A: Our system was designed around simplicity, direct access to IMAGES, and sales!  We believe our back end photographer database is more robust and simple to use, while our client interface is unparalleled. The client should see images and be able to order them easily. Period. Our overall cost is lower than any other system out there!

Q: How does Pro Image work?
A: The photographer creates an event, uploads images, and directs their client to that event. The client browses the images, selects images to order and places the order with a credit card.  Pro Images takes the payment from your client. Our lab (Reed Imaging in Denver, Colorado) prints the order and sends it to the client. Pro Images mails you a check at the end of each month with your profits. Simple, easy!

Q: How much storage will I need?
A: Currently we are offering unlimited storage for all plans. This means you don’t need to worry about how big your files are, how many you upload, etc. We plan on keeping things this way. Storage is cheap, no need to charge you for something that we barely pay for!

Q: What plan is best for me?
A: The Casual Plan is suggested for photographers who expect to sell less than $300 per month. If you average sales between $300 and $1000 per month the Basic Plan is more economical. Once you exceed $1000 per month, the Pro Plan is your best deal.

Q: Can I “turn off my service” during my slow times?
A: You receive 45 days of free service the first time you sign up with Pro Image, and we have no registration fee. After that, there is a $75 fee required to “re-sign up”. We suggest budgeting your membership fees over the year and realizing that you will more than pay for usage in your busy months.  Or, you can get the Pro Plan for $348 for the entire year and save a huge amount!

Q: What are your support hours?
A: Our normal support hours are Monday through Friday 8 am to 8 pm. However, we will often check email support questions outside of these hours and on the weekends.

Q: Is my plan month to month or do I have to commit to a year membership?
A: All plans are month to month. We feel you will be completely satisfied with our system but we do not want to trap you into something you are not happy with should you feel this system is not for you. That being said, once you have experience the amazing service and felt the impact it has on your business, we do offer a yearly membership that saves you a huge amount of money!

Q: How are taxes taken care of?
A: Your customers will be billed for all sales taxes on orders shipped within the state of Colorado so you don’t have to pay any sales tax on your orders.

Q: When can I expect a check for my income on sales generated?
A: Checks are sent on the 1st of each month, and should reach you in less than a week.

Q: Do I have to pay revenue share fees on discounted orders.
A: Revenue share fees are calculated by taking the total sales of prints (not including sales taxes and shipping) minus the discount. Example if you make $100 on an order and discount 10% you will make $90 and the revenue share is based on that $90. This means that selling prints at a discount does not further reduce your profit due to revenue share.

Q: Who pays for shipping?
A: Your clients pay for shipping according to the type of shipping they select.