The Software

Events Manager

Events management and presentation has never been so easy.
ProImage Software is pulling out all of the stops. With our ear to the forums and with photographers driving our product growth, we’ve created events management software that works to keep you in the field, doing what you love to do, while we take care of your orders and prints.

Work directly with our lab and experience world class customer service for you and for your clients. Direct lab integration allows us to handle your orders entirely if you choose, and we’ll be the portal to your clients needs.

NO MORE FTP! Ftp is cumbersome, and you always have to have your computer with you to use it. More importantly, your ability to control your groups and folder organization is completely lost. With the ProImage Software event management software, enjoy direct uploading to our server, with no FTP. Additionally, with our images and groups manager, you can easily and quickly update, change, add, rename and edit your groups and photos, right from the control panel.

Work from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer and the internet, and you can manipulate the software, upload pictures, and manage all of your events.

Capture and Grow

Create. Start Upload. Walk Away.

Save recurring data and setting you use most
Create now, upload anytime
Edit numerous options from one location

Superior Presentation & Ordering.

Built-in Ecommerce
Professional, personally branded interface
Integrated Slide Show
Integrated card creation software

Direct Lab Integration.

Integrated order handling
Fabulous prints
Correction services
In house customer service